Acacia Wood Furniture

Dec 03, 2016
Acacia Wood Furniture

Durable acacia furniture is known for its resistance to weather, insects, and rot, and will grace your garden or patio for years to come.


Acacia has existed since Biblical times; in fact, it is strongly believed that this wood was utilized in order to construct the Ark of Covenant and Tabernacle, because it has proven to be quite indestructible. Many people have known acacia wood as “whistling thorn,” “wattle,” and “thorntree”. The other varieties of acacia that can be found in Africa usually contain different thorns while the ones that can be found in Australia are thorny. In addition, this tree bears pods that release tannins. Throughout the years, tannins were utilized to meet the medicinal needs of people and to serve as food preservatives.


Acacia is known to be a native tree in Africa and Australia and it really has been utilized in furniture production ever since the 18th century. The acacia wood offers natural benefits such as durability, hardness, moisture resistance, and a whole lot more. These are among its properties that make it more desirable for furniture use for items such as patio sets, lounge chairs, and tables. Other acacia forms provide kitchen cabinets, tables, desks, and indoor furnishings. This has been a premier choice of wood flooring among residential homeowners who love the features and the look of acacia.


There is no need to contest the fact that acacia wood is valuable, as it features a golden and pale shade while others have an amber or red finish. Some acacia species feature a mahogany or dark coloring.

When acacia wood is cut the sweet smell remains ensconced within the wood. These are sustainable trees, such that when cut can still be planted. Even though the fact remains that the growth of acacia trees is more limited than it has been, a lot of people still purchase furniture that is made from acacia.

The acacia wood is also remarkable because it appears smooth and the grain patterns are really unique. These are in fact great for dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture, not to mention patio furniture. In addition, these are valued and used for shelving as this product can withstand the demands of large and heavy objects.

Even though some people think that acacia wood is expensive, especially so with acacia furniture, these goods are still purchased at reasonable prices. People only have to purchase them from a reliable and trustworthy seller.


There are simply a lot of benefits that can be obtained from acacia wood. It is not difficult to maintain and take good care of. As long as the wood is treated properly, acacia furniture will keep its natural shine. Another important thing is that acacia wood is strong, resistant to wear and tear, and heavy. When you see the true beauty of acacia woods, including their sturdiness, you will certainly love them.

Among the benefits of acacia include its natural durability which means to say that they are less likely to suffer damage. Because acacia products are very heavy, they can really stand the test of time and will be protected from pests and water, in which case there is limited risk of swelling, warping, or rotting.

Because of its sustainable nature, acacia really is a perfect choice for for furniture items to decrease the contribution to water and air pollution, ecological damage, and habitat destruction.







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