Birth of the Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is a simple type of chair that is basically made up of wood or other man-made material and used for outdoor purposes. The Adirondack originally was made from eleven flat and wooden boards and featured a straight seat and back with wide armrests. Nowadays, the availability of different types of man-made materials allows this type of chair to be manufactured from hard impact type of plastics and polymers.

The Birth of the Adirondack Chair

In 1903 Thomas Lee invented the first Adirondack chair in Westport, NY. This chair was originally known by its other name, the Westport Plank Chair. Lee got the idea to invent the chair for his vacation home in the western area of Lake Champlain at the Adirondack Mountains.

The original "plank" name of the chair was based on the original design, which was comprised of a wooden piece cut into 11 pieces. Its slanted back and seat were important features that set it apart from the other chairs Lee had tried. This new design allowed him to sit at a relaxing and comfortable angle even when set on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain.

Modern Adirondack Chair/ Furniture

After Thomas Lee invented the Adirondack chair, he then showed his design to Harry C. Bunnell, a local carpenter. Bunnel needed revenue during the winter months when he had lighter business from his carpentry. He soon patented the design of the Adirondack chair Thomas Lee had invented. This patent highlighted a cushion on the back and seat of the chair, along with a small and flat footrest.

The modern models of the Adirondack chair are designed ergonomically and smoothly to give that comfortable and relaxing feeling to those who sit in it. These days there are other models of Adirondack chairs and tables that can be folded for increased portability and easy storage.

The Westport chair invented by Thomas Lee has become known as the Adirondack chair, which has been simply designed to be perfect for relaxing in the outdoor breeze. There are other names for Adirondack chair today, including the Laurentian chair and the Muskoka chair that are specifically named according to their manufacturing origin.

Changes on the design of the chair are continuously observed. From the slatted seats and backs that this chair possess to the time and location in which this chair was invented, these truly have been recognized.

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