Breakfast al Fresco

Jan 21, 2017
Breakfast al Fresco

How to Have Breakfast Al Fresco

Thinking "breakfast al fresco" is a focus on eating breakfast outdoors. This adds an enjoyable and lively dimension to your breakfast when you get out of the house just to eat in an open, fresh, and encouraging outside atmosphere. This type of dining experience very essential to building an appreciation to the slower pace of life.

Here are some of the simple steps that must be followed if you want to have Breakfast al Fresco:

Find the Best Place to Set Up

If you want to have breakfast al fresco, the very first thing you need to consider is to find the best place to have the outdoor dining experience with family and friends. The place must be sheltered from the heat of the sun and wind. It also must spacious enough to ensure that you can all fit comfortably.

Select the Furniture

Outdoor chairs and tables should resist weather elements such as the sun and the rain.

Decorate Simply

Flowers, candles, tablecloths, and other types of items for decorations can add  glamour and an appealing look to the breakfast al fresco. Remember that you may need to transfer the decor outside then back inside your house. Therefore, you really need to be smart when it comes to choosing the decoration items for your breakfast. Even grabbing a pot of simple plants outside of your house and placing them in a clean saucer helps spruce up the experience.

Choose the Food

Among the best food choices for breakfast al fresco are cold foods. These are by far the easiest food choices compared to hot foods. This is unless you really want to add some warmth toyour breakfast. In that case consider a mix of grilled foods with fruits, vegetables, and smoothies, which can be blended right there on the patio.

Deter Insects

You can also make use of herbs as insect repellents near the breakfast area. These include pyrethrum, lavender, tansy, and a lot more. You also can burn citronella candles or oil to keep those bugs away.

Most of All, Enjoy It

If you really want to have breakfast al fresco, you may just choose from a plain setting. Or, you may decide to make the place more memorable and more inviting. It doesn't take much to catch the attention of all your breakfast-mates.

If you really want to feel the fresh and cool breeze of the air outside, along with the warm touch of the sun, then make it a daily routine to have breakfast al fresco!

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