Cypress Wood Furniture

Dec 31, 2016
Cypress Wood Furniture

Cypress is one of the most popular outdoor furniture materials, known for its dark honey color and ability to fade to a light pewter. It resists warping, splitting, staining, and decay.


Cypress trees are considered to be conifers. As compared to other softwoods in America, cypress trees are deciduous types of trees that shed simple foliage similar to hardwoods.

Despite the fact that cypress is considered a soft wood, it still falls in the group of hardwoods. This is simply because of its durability. This is especially true when exposed to too much moisture.


Cypress wood is different from other types of woods due to its features and characteristics


The color of cypress woods tends to be light up to yellowish brown in color. Its sapwood is already near to white color.

Texture or Grain

Medium up to coarse texture can be observed from it. Apart from that, it also offers a straight pattern of grain. Unfinished and raw cypress wood surfaces can let you get that greasy feeling.

Rot Resistance

Cypress is a high quality wood and is rated to be one of the most durable woods all over the world. Both the old and young cypress woods are rated to be very durable.


The smell of cypress woods is different because it gives a bit sour scent while it is planned to crafted into a wood work project.

Top Cypress Furniture Choices

A few of our top cypress outdoor furniture selections are:


Cypress woods is naturally built, long lasting, and water-resistant. It also is resistant to possible damages brought by insects. There are different types of cypress wood preferred when selecting furniture, such as the western and southern cypress, among others

Generally speaking, all types of cypress wood is durable and of high quality in nature. This is in a sense that these are used as the material for building furniture. This type of wood is not as expensive as you might think, but can really offer you with the best furniture items you have ever wanted.


There are many kinds woods that can be used for crafting different types of furniture items, including those that can be for both indoor and outdoor use. So why would you choose cypress? This is due to the many benefits that can be obtained from this type of wood.

One of the main benefits of using cypress woods is to save money. Making use of cypress wood for furniture items is great because it can really last for quite a few years. This is most especially true when taken care of properly. This type of wood also is resistant to water and to different insects. If exposed to water and insects you can expect that nothing should happen to your furniture.

Apart from that, cypress wood is not as expensive as certain other types of wood. This will definitely give you a chance to get loads of furniture items according to your means. Cypress also is aesthetically appealing and looks great. You will be amazed at how other people will appreciate your furniture made from cypress wood.

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