Fir Wood Furniture

Dec 17, 2016
Fir Wood Furniture

Fir wood outdoor furniture gets rave reviews for being durable and economical. This softwood features a yellow, pink, or even orange or red inner wood. Douglas fir furniture does well with paint and clear finishes.


Fir wood is heavily used in the construction industry, as it is known to be stable, strong, and useful in framing buildings. In some instances, it is commonly used in the creation of different types of furniture items. It is popular for creating chairs, tables, and all other furniture item due to its natural character. This wood is also not as expensive as you think it could be.


Fir offers quite a few unique characteristic and features:

  • Close grained
  • Reddish brown in color
  • Stable and reliable
  • Inexpensive
  • Straight and grain pattern

Pine is wood that is similar to fir wood. These are commonly used in the completion of the same projects. Despite the similarities of the two types of woods, there are still other valuable features that make this fir wood different not only from pines but even from other woods. Fir is stronger as compared to pines. Its grain lines are very straight, which corresponds to stability. Fir  also is more durable compared to many other wood types.

Fir Furniture

Furniture made from fir wood is not the most widespread in the marketplace. This is due to the fact that fir and pine woods are a bit similar in their availability and their price.

Due to some limitations, fir woods are usually reserved for construction projects. Actually, this type of wood is used for strength ad structure. Due to its great value these days, there are already a lot of people who make use of this wood for their furniture items.

Making Fir Look Good

One of the main reasons holding some people back from using fir in the creation of furniture is that this wood is not the most simple and easy for them to finish. Well, there are certain type of methods that can help improve the beauty and the appeal of furniture items manufactured from fir wood. This method includes sanding fir or applying another faux finish to the fir wood furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Made From Fir Wood

Fir wood is simply an excellent choice for outdoor furniture items such as picnic tables, ottomans, and chairs. This is a typical wood that is not affected by weather and moisture. When the weather becomes damp or wet, it doesn’t dry or warp out of its shape. It also retains the original size and doesn’t split.

Due to the value, benefits and descriptions of fir wood, most manufacturers of furniture are making use of fir wood as their main furniture making material. As long as furniture items made from Fir wood are maintained at their best, you are most assured that this would last for a couple of years.

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