New Designs for Old Patios

If you have an existing patio space that needs a little tender loving care or a little refurbishing, a lot of creativity can go a long way.

You can refurbish an old patio floor in many different ways and even change the space so that it is reinvented and reusable.

Fire Pits

If you have a patio that is uncovered and wish to utilize the space for something more than just a folding chair and table, then a fire pit might be the right choice for you. Having a professional come in and install a fire pit will create a totally different look and feel to your already existing patio.

Fire pits are a great way to entertain company, making them feel comfortable and cozy as they sit around it. There are countless ways to create a fire pit using brick, stone, and many other materials.


If you have an existing patio floor to use as your base, you could incorporate the design of a gazebo in that space. A gazebo comes in many forms such as wooden, PVC, wrought iron, trellis, and lattice, to name but just a few. Gazebos also come in traditional, Chinese, Victorian, and dozens of other styles, from contemporary to classic. The opportunities for adding a gazebo to an already existing dead space patio are many.

Curtains, plants, fire pits, and furniture of every style and color added to your gazebo to make it personalized to you, your family, and your tastes.

Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Long gone are the days when patio furniture was made only out of plastic with removable cushions. When entertaining outdoors, you can use sofas, easy chairs, and even recliners with plenty of comfortable throw pillows added into the mix. As long as you make plans to install an awning or covering of some sort (see below), your furniture is well protected.

Some homeowners are bringing almost an entire stainless steel kitchen equipped with massive barbecue grill, hood range, and wet bar onto their covered patio.


If you have a patio that is a dead space, one of the greatest ways that it will serve you better is to create an awning for that space. An awning provides coverage from weather such as sun, wind, and rain, and provides a comfortable and cozy feel. Awning options are stationary as well as retractable.


One of the greatest and most inexpensive ways to spruce up an old patio is to decorate according to the season. Having a patio chock full of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns during fall is inspiring, making the season all the more festive.

These are just a few ways to use up old space in the form of an existing patio.

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