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Douglas Nance ​​has been crafting fine Adirondack furniture since 1999 and is considered one of the best patio furniture brands today. Using premium grade teak and hardware designed for outdoor use, their products are guaranteed to provide comfort and relaxation for years to come. Since their inception the primary focus has always been about building relationships with our customers by offering exceptional customer assistance. They do that by knowing the products they build and understanding that customers have unique needs. Another aspiration has always been providing products that are more comfortable and offer the most value.

Douglas Nance's philosophy about teak furniture is different than most outdoor furniture makers. While there are plenty of designs and styles that minimize the use of teak wood by substituting with aluminum or adding sling fabric material, they have gone the other direction. Slim and sleek won't be found in descriptions of their furniture. Instead you'll read masterful, bold, and rock solid. Everything in the design of their styles has been about making a statement with teak. From their first ad campaign announcing to all Adirondack furniture, "Your king has arrived!", Douglas Nance knew they made teak furniture different than the rest — which is precisely their desire. They've added thickness to their parts (some legs are over 3" thick!) to give unheard of stability and strength. They've also added extra dimension to provide more room and comfort than any teak designs we have ever seen.

While many Adirondack chairs have similar designs, Douglas Nance continues to find improvements on this bit of treasured Americana furniture staple. Raising or lowering armrests, adding curve to the seat, adjusting the backrest to the perfect pitch, using premium cut teak and rust-free hardware are all qualifying identities of their Adirondack chairs lines. We currently offer a variety of their deep seating collections for the ultimate in outdoor comfort. Cushions are constructed with performance fabrics to be enjoyed in all environs. Douglas Nance furniture is perfect for both home and commercial use.

Take a look through our catalog of Douglas Nance cozy, comfortable, sturdy patio furniture at the sloping curves cut into the strong legs. Follow the arching tops as they crown many of their styles. View the thick braces evoking a sense of stability and strength. Compare the weights and dimensions and you will agree that Douglas Nance teak furniture has positioned itself well apart from the common and usual.

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Douglas Nance Seacoast Adirondack Chair

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